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Residence Permit

1. Students with X1 visa should apply for residence permit within the first 30 days of arrival in China. This can be done at Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, No.1500, Minsheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai. Working time: Monday–Friday from 9.00—11.30, 13.30—16.30 Medical check and insurance is required for the application. Students with X visa are expected to attend at least 70% of classes to maintain their visa validity and to obtain an official graduate certificate.  
2.Documents required for first residence permit application includes:
· International passport
· Jw202 form
· Medical certificate
· Admission letter (Provided by international student’s office)
· 4 passport size photos
· Insurance for 6 months (Rmb 400) period or 1 year (Rmb 800)
· Registration form of temporary residence
· Visa fees to the Exit and Entry Bureau (Rmb 400 for 6 months & Rmb 800 for 1 year)
3. Students who will study for less than 180 days with X2 visa or F/M visa, do not need to apply for residence permit during their valid visa duration.

Download the application form